Bootstrap CSS

Bootstrap CSS, also known as front-end-framework, is a free software that combines JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code that is used to develop interface components such as forms, buttons, and navigation. This program is filled with a ton of features that allow the user to not have any trouble working within it. There are several more pros than cons to Bootstrap CSS.

The biggest convenience is that comes with Bootstrap CSS is that is comes with free tools and controls for creating interface components and web layouts. This program also saves the user time by providing predefined design templates and classes. Bootstrap CSS also, as mentioned prior, comes with responsive features that are designed to make a web page appear appropriately on different computer screens, tablets, cell phones, and other kinds of monitors. And consistency is key with Bootstrap CSS, this is clear upon using the application because all the components share the same design templates and styles so that the site being created is consistent throughout the project design period.

Not only is Bootstrap consistent, time saving, and free, but it is easy to use-so easy, that even a noob could figure out how to navigate himself through the program, as long as he has basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (still too hard for casuals who visit websites that they only think are “pretty”). Along with the simplicity of Bootstrap CSS, it was developed with modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, in mind so it is compatible with all modern browsers.

However, every rose has its thorn. Bootstrap is flawed in that if the user wanted to add a bunch of customizations or just use his own style rather than the default Bootstrap ones, he would have to override a bunch of the Bootstrap default options. This is how the original file could possibly get deleted and need to be reinstalled. But the websites will all look the same if only default Bootstrap options are used.

Other than these two flaws, noob and skilled web designers usually recommend Bootstrap because it is a free program that comes with free tools to create web layouts and interface components, it’s a mega time saver, ¬†comes with responsive features, consistent, compatible with all browsers, and is very easy to use!



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