Landing Page Designs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

A landing page is the homepage of a website. As it is typically the first thing someone will come across when accessing a website, the creator of the website will want his landing page to appear superb to his site visitors. However, a beginner at web design may not know how to make his site appear beautiful to the visitors of the page.

A more desirable landing page will consist of only necessary details to eliminate any scrolling that would come with paragraph upon paragraph of useless words that take up the entire page. (That is what the description is for). An eye capturing image is If the website is advertising something, adding in a portion for the visitor to subscribe to the newsletter would be a brilliant idea to put on the landing page. If the page is supposed to advertise a product, the landing page should display someone using the product.

Design aspects that a web designer would want to stray from when creating a landing page especially include clutter. Not only is clutter distasteful and tacky, but it can confuse the site visitor. If the site visitor cannot navigate himself on the landing page, he will leave, and so will just about all the other visitors because the page will make them all feel overwhelmed. Another ugly design technique to avoid using is a landing page full of links that do not stand out all because not only are there a countless number of them, but if there are three line descriptions along with the links, all the links will be lost among the forest of text.

To recap, in order for a designer to create a fabulous landing page, he must use good design tactics. These design tactics include keeping everything on one page without scrolling necessary, uncluttered, and with an attractive and eye catching image. If the landing page is for an advertisement, there should be a portion (like a box or something like that) where the site visitor would have no trouble signing up for the company’s newsletter. And the designer should avoid clutter at all costs because it is hideous and confusing.



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