Size Does Matter

The make or break of a business not only comes down to the business itself, but its website. A slow and useless site will only drive potential customers away from the business. The average person will click away from a website if it takes longer than four seconds to load and will not return to a poorly operated website. To prevent the potential loss of consumers and money, when making a website for a company, consider the page size and content.

Content that can slow the flow of the website can be found in the code. Lines of code in a JavaScript file can greatly increase the loading time of a site. For the sake of the site’s loading time, the person creating the site should try his best to eliminate any unwanted white spaces and comments in the script. Gzip compression should also be enabled because it can drastically minimize the size of the file, which allows more content to be downloaded in a shorter period of time.

A webpage essential is images. They have the ability to draw the attention of any casual who is just surfing the web and possibly draw people to a business. However, the number of images on a website can possibly slow down the webpage response time. The solution to this issue is image compression. This action minimizes the load time without changing the quality of the photo. And along with image compression, getting rid of image metadata can speed up the site’s response time.

Another method of quickly rendering a website is to enable browser caching. Doing this will make it so that the browser will never have to download the information to display the site again. Therefore, the webpage response time will be much quicker.

The last thing to look out for is custom web fonts. While these have gained popularity, now every browser is able to display the font and will have to download it. And to do this, the font will be downloaded as an external source with CSS and extra HTTP requests. When using a custom web font, it should be hosted locally so these extra steps do not need to occur.



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