UI and UX

The average casual may not know what the terms UI and UX mean, however they are crucial to design and interface and are often confused in meanings. The term UI stands for user design interface and UX stands for user experience design.

UX is a more analytical and technical field, rather than UI which is more like the design itself. With UX, the product designer is attempting to make the product more user friendly and to maintain a loyalty with the customers and clients, as well as speaking to the consumers. UX does not have anything to really do with the design as it is the customer satisfaction of the product. UX is used in the design for just about anything: cars, lamps, shelving, and so on and so forth. UX is useful in the digital design field because it requires conversing with the customer about the outcome of the design, however, UX is not a career int eh design world.

UI is often mistaken for either graphic design or for user experience design, but in reality it is just the design, layout, research, and process of the product being put together. However, UI is strictly digital. Someone who is working with UI is working with the planning of the idea, like the storyboard, design research, customer analysis, and doing research on the product. After the planning, executing the product, so prototyping, animation, adaption to the proportion to all monitor sizes, and implementation with the developer.

So basically, UX revolves around the relationship between the customer and the developer. It is not entirely necessary, but it reflects really good on the developer to reach out to customers and to try to improve the product or service in their favor. If a company practices UX, it is bound to attract more and more clients and people who will be willing to give them money because they are proving that they care about the feedback from their customers and want to make their product/service better. And there is no better way of finding where there are areas in need of improvement than from people who have tried or purchased the good or service. UI is the planning and design of the product from the storyboard to the execution of the product to the public.




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