Top Web Banner Sizes

When creating an ad banner, it is important to know what the most common ad banner sizes are and why they are the most common so that you know which size is best for the purpose and placement of your ad banner on a website. The most common sizes are (in this order) medium rectangle: 300×250 px, leaderboard: 728×90 px, wide skyscraper: 160×600 px, banner: 468×60 px, and skyscraper: 120×600 px. The medium rectangle, the most common ad banner size, and has an ad impression share of 33%. An example of a medium rectangle ad is the Google banner. The leaderboard is the second most common ad size on the internet with an ad impression share of 32%. The third most used, the wide skyscraper with an ad impression share of 13%, the fourth, banner, with 3%. And last (and least), the skyscraper with 2%. The ad impression share indicates how much of each kind of ad banner size is displayed online.

For a designer who is first beginning to create web banners, it would be in his best interest to use one of the top three most used sizes because doing so would give him 78% of all ad impressions, therefore, would make the ad more usable. All the ad banner sizes that are beyond the top ten sizes collectively make up 10% ad share impression and are not very usable for most designers because the sizes are not standard.

Another thing the designer should consider when designing his ad is that the larger the ad banner, the more attention it will attract. This is because the objective of a web banner is to generate click throughs to bring people to the website. However, it costs more to create a bigger ad banner, so the designer will have to decide if he needs to spend the extra dollars to advertise himself. No matter how big the banner is, this further proves that using standard banner sizes is the best option for someone designing one because they are more likely to get recognition for their ad if it is a standard size because more people will be willing to click on it.



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