Best Format for Animated Web Banners

The first thing to understand before figuring out what the best format for an animated web banner is, one must know what an animated web banner is at all. An ad banner is one of the most common forms of advertisement at this day in age and a great deal of revenue from the ad goes to the company advertising. The ad is displayed by the owner of the site offering a space on his site for the web banner and makes money off the company for wanting to place an ad on it.

A designer must understand that ad banners usually are posted on someone else’s site so as one would use his common sense to see, therefore, the designer has zero control over the design of the site his banner is going on, especially if the banner is going on multiple sites. A good starting point when planning out an ad banner is the IBA (The Interactive Advertising Bureau) in order to go under the same specifications that most ads follow. The guidelines display different ad banner sizes that are common so that the designer can make his banner a proper size so that he will have more chances of finding an advertising space, this isn’t necessary if the designer already knows where he will be displaying his banner. There are more specifications that are in the guidelines on the IBA. Other things a designer should consider when creating an ad are the maximum frame rate, and the limit of the Z-Index of the unit and file size. The listed items are nothing more than guidelines but if followed, the designer can create a successful web banner that not only works properly but looks just as amazing as it works.

In order for the web designer to captivate the attention of the people visiting the site, the designer should add some eye grabbing photos because the person seeing the ad dd not go to the site to see the ad, the ad just happened to be there when the person went to the website to see content. A massive don’t when designing the banner include making it wordy. The reason the ad is there is to bring the site visitor to another site from the ad, ¬†therefore, the ad banner should not have the entire Harry Potter series and a half worth of words on it, the website that the ad directs to should have all the information needed. However, there is no cookie cutter form of how an ad banner “should” look, for instance, they do not need to look minimalist like the Apple product ad banners to look nice. Ad banners are like people, they are all different.



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